Ellie’s Boulder Bridge

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A fun themed climber with varying degrees of climbing difficulties. The unique design allows for 360 degrees of climbing and realistic texture.



Many Dog’s can play on Ellie’s Boulder Bridge play & agility product.  Dog’s can run up the incline natural looking rocks and onto the oversized platform where they can meet their friends for some elevated play or just sunbathing.

They can run down the decline natural looking rocks to run and chase their four-legged friends. The top platform can accommodate many dogs and they also like to hang out under the shady area underneath the bridge. This product is so popular for the dogs, they get a great workout without even knowing it as they run up and down and jump up and down to be with their friends, they get an excellent cardiovascular and strength toning workout. This product helps develop balance and endurance as well as muscular strengthening and social play.  The large platform offer a great multi-functional space to accommodate many dogs for optimal play and exercise. Shade Tunnel underneath and extra large platform on top will make this a very popular product for your dog. Natural looking and fun – great for luxury settings.  Gyms For Dogs

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