The Pet Waste Station- Build Your Own

From $690-$1535

Configure your own Pet Waste Station for your park needs! The Pet Waste Station can include only a Wellness Depot and Pooper Scooper, or it can include it all!

1 × Small Post-Mounted Waste Receptacle
1 × Post Mount - Pooper Scooper Station Bin
1 × The Wellness Depot™
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Item Number: DL-PWS-TPC

The Pet Waste Station that can do it all! Not only is the Pet Waste Station design architecturally appealing, but it can be custom configured to your needs!

To begin: Select the Post Mount you will need for your station

Then: Add a traditional Bag Dispenser and Waste Receptacle

Or: Put a Wellness Depot on the front with a Pooper Scooper Storage bin, for a earth- and wellness- friendly approach, that pairs well with a Park Waste Caddy

If you’re not sure, include it all! The front and back are interchangeable for the Bag Dispenser and Wellness Depot, and the bottom is the same with the Waste Receptacle or the Pooper Scooper Storage bin in the front and back.

Whatever you choose, your park will be easy to clean, care for, and stylish, with the Build-Your-Own Pet Waste Station!